Important Things to Know About Payday Loans!

Important Things to Know About Payday Loans!

Most people, who live on a fixed monthly salary, try to plan out their monthly expenses, including those that are over and above the regular ones, such as a holiday outing, or a medical check-up.

But despite all the planning, many a time, you may find yourself faced with urgent expenses for which you may not have enough left to spare nor can you defer it till your next payday. In such situations, fast payday loans come in as a handy solution.

Payday loans are short term payday advance loans that are provided to borrowers when they need money urgently to tackle financial emergencies. These types of loans are given at significantly higher interest rates and the borrower needs to repay by the next payday.

It is true that fast payday loans give you money and peace of mind, but at times they can be quite confusing. Hence, it is essential to know the financial terms involved in these loans, before going in for a payday loan.

Discussed below are some of these important aspects:

1. Annual Percentage Rate:

Annual Percentage Rate, also known as APR is the standard measure to find out the total cost of a fast payday loan. Usually, on a 30 day payday loan, the APR is 1355 percentage. There are many lenders who do not prefer to disclose the APR values to the customer. However, it's important to know the APR value as it tells the exact amount needed to return back to the lender.

For example, you borrowed £100 from any financial company for a period of one month. At the end of the month you need to return the original £100 plus £25 as interest. That £25 indicates that there is an APR of 25% on the payday loan.

2. Roll over:

Suppose you have borrowed say £ 200 but by the time of your next payday, you are unable to repay the loan. Then what? Here comes the facility of "roll over".

< p>Roll over is a very commonly used term in the loan industry. This facility is quite helpful for borrowers who are unable to repay the loan on time and wish to apply for an extension on their loan. With roll over, payday lenders extend the repayment date to the next payday.

But, now the borrower needs to pay more interest as the lender usually charges additional fee for each rollover, thus, adding more interest to the original debt value. It is possible to have multiple rollovers on one single fast payday loan but not all payday lenders provide such facility.

3. Borrowing from a trusted provider:

Before selecting a money lending company, the borrower must be aware of the authenticity of that company. Take it as a negative signal, if very little information is available about the lender's profile, or if a lender speaks too much about the terms and conditions of the loan.

4. Local rules and regulations:

Payday advance loan is a ve ry new concept, but due to its attractive features it has gained popularity. Yet, in many countries it is regarded as a controversial practice and at times had to face legal battles to prove its worthiness. Hence, it becomes very important to apply for a loan from a payday loan lending company which is approved and legal.

Keep in mind these above mentioned points to avoid future inconvenience while applying for a fast payday loan.

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Important Things to Know About Payday Loans!

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