Hollywood and the Payday Loan Online

Hollywood and the Payday Loan Online

Have you ever been watching a movie and saw one of the characters grab another by the collar and ask, "Where's my $500?" The next line that usually follows is, "If you don't have it by tomorrow, I will kill you." It makes you wonder why the loan shark is going to kill a guy over $500, but money is money, right? Obviously it is in the movies. But you never hear any of them say, "I'll just get a payday loan online and that'll take care of it." No, they usually have to go and steal off of someone with elaborate explosions occurring in the background. If a cash advance payday loan was ever an option in Hollywood, the movie industry would be missing a few plots, wouldn't they?

The Script

Just think about it: The bad guy tells the little guy that he wants his money. The little guy goes home to his computer and he visits a payday loan website. Once he is there, he begi ns filling out a form that contains his basic information. Just as the background music begins to escalate, he hits the submit button and the music cuts off. All you can hear is a heartbeat, waiting for the approval of the payday loan online. Suddenly, we fast forward an hour and the little guy finds that he is approved. He begins jumping up and down in victory as the background music reminds us of the steps scene in the movie "Rocky."

The next day, the little guy wakes up from his slumber with the muzzle of a shotgun in his face. The bad guy asks, "Where's my money?" We find that our little guy, through his fear says, "It is in the bank. I can take you there now." Nervously, the little guy dresses himself thinking of how he was told online that his cash advance payday loan would be deposited into his bank account within 24 hours. He is still a bit shaky, but he has faith that his payday loan is in the bank since it has been approximately 21 hours since he was approved .

With the gun in his side, he and the bad guy pull up to the bank. Little guy's legs feel week and he is praying that his payday loan online has come through. While at the teller's counter, he gives his name and account number for her face to contort as if something is wrong. He suddenly sees his payday loan online efforts going down the drain when she suddenly grins. "Yes sir. And how much would you like to withdraw today?" She asks. He tells her $500 and she nods in acknowledgment. His cash advance payday loan did come through. She counts out the cash to him, he and the bad guy walk outside, and he gives the bad guy his money. Thanks to the payday loan, he was spared his life.

The Impression

So as you can see, the payday loan online does have a place in Hollywood. Think of how the cash advance payday loan could have its own place in the credits as being the hero of the movie. Guy owes money, applies for payday loan, guy is spared life. It doesn't get any better than that. So if you ever find yourself in that scenario, the payday loan online is going to be the fix. And you don't have to pay your cash advance payday loan back until your next payday, which makes a payday loan priceless.

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Hollywood and the Payday Loan Online

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